Full Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs

We work on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans, including diesel, electric, and hybrid. SAS performs a range of services from simple preventative maintenance to engine diagnosis and transmission repair or replacement. We pride ourselves on electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting problems no one else can figure out.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are just one example of the technology in the automotive industry continues to evolve. In this day and age, it is important to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry, or you may end up being left in the dust.

We know timing belts are part of a vital vehicle system, commonly known as the timing system, which has many moving parts subject to wear and tear. 

Has your check engine light come on once or twice, or kept flashing, or stayed illuminated? remove all doubt and confusion, by determining whether your vehicle needs just a minor tweak, a maintenance service, or more severe auto repair.

Auto electronics systems are virtually everywhere in your vehicle. Modules, sensors, actuators, connectors, and even basic wiring are integral to the proper operation your air conditioning, infotainment centers, navigation systems and the creature-comfort body control systems, such as power seats, power windows, Power Locks, and more.

Oil Changes & Diagnosis

With vehicle engine technology increasingly precise, it’s operation has also become intolerant when maintenance and auto repair is below specifications. That’s why your team of ASE-Certified Master Level auto mechanics at Sawatch Automotive Services takes oil change service so seriously. Your vehicle’s engine performance and life depend on it.

Engine & Transmission

Transmission and engine  repair can be difficult because many auto repair shops today lack the know-how, tooling, and equipment to properly service modern vehicle drivetrains. At Sawatch Automotive Services we are professional ASE-Certified auto mechanics that have the expertise and experience necessary.

Tires, Breaks & Alignments

Our auto mechanics at Sawatch Automotive Services know the difference between minor service and more severe brake repair issues. Their knowledge, experience, expertise, and ongoing training enables them to correctly pinpoint the actual underlying cause of braking problems and provide the correct and complete solution, without compromise.

That’s unmatched performance, certainty and peace of mind for the motorists in the Vail Valley Colorado.

Full Service Auto Repair Center in Vail Colorado

Our services include oil changes, vehicle alignment, exhaust system repairs, brake repair, cooling system repair, check engine light diagnosis & repair, timing belt replacement, window replacement, muffler repairs, engine repairs, clutch repair, fuel pump repair and more!